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What We Do

About Eco-CoA

        Eco-Conquest Africa Ltd. (ECO-COA) is a limited liability company established and registered in 2007. It is a Kenyan based firm specialized in environmental consultancy and capacity development but with operations in the African region. The firm brings together expertise from diverse fields in environmental management aimed at providing quality services that seek to integrate environmental governance, and social responsibility for sustainable development. The firm offers a holistic technical approach to management of natural resources based production with a clear focus on the principles of sustainable development.

ECO-COA’s commitment is motivated by challenges and opportunities posed by the problems of environmental degradation, vagaries of climate change, negative social impacts of tourism, poverty and inadequate environmental awareness within the East African Community and the African continent. Inevitably, the firm aims to contribute towards the realization of the Millennium Development Goals and the evolving Social Development Goals at the local and national levels.


The firm endeavors to link and establish sustainable partnerships between the grass-root communities, donors, governments and private sector in addressing the local, national and regional challenges facing sound environmental management.

The firm’s expertise comprise of a wide range of professionals in the field of environment, sociology, project management, sustainable agriculture, Tourism, renewable energy, Environmental Impact Assessment and audit, Grant Management, Sustainable Forest Management including but not limited to Participatory Forest Management (PFM), Monitoring and Evaluation, community mobilization and capacity development, Health and Safety and training among others based on the needs of the clientele.


Our Approach

  ECO-COA offers demand-driven and result-oriented consultancy in environmental and natural resource management and capacity development. We seek to reach a shared understanding of the task and requirements prior to engagement. Clients are assured of quality and efficiency. Our pool of consultants has requisite experiences in the use and application of state-of-the-art tools and methodologies. We are sensitive to our clients’ needs and endeavor to tailor-make as appropriate, our work to suit their needs without compromising facts and quality of the output.  
  Eco-Conquest Africa - Our Approach  
  Rudolf Makhanu with representatives of Transparency International (Judy) and Pan African Climate  Justice Alliance(Mithika) in South Africa on Climate Finance Governance issues  

Our Core values

1. Integrity
2. Creativity
3. Continuous learning
4. Teamwork
5. Credibility
6. Gender sensitivity

Strength & Services offered

1 Networking

We are well networked with learning institutions, environmental consulting firms, capacity development experts, physical planners, engineering consulting firms, architectural firms, and National and County governments, NGOs among others.

Our total commitment is geared towards total customer satisfaction, profitability, competitiveness, staff job satisfaction, quality enhancement, productivity improvement, effective information technology and strategic management culture. The company has over the time made significant contribution in the area of environment and community based development and particularly development of effective Natural Resource Management Systems (NRMSs).

To date ECO-COA has been involved in various project management tasks at national and regional levels.

2. Services offered
ECO-COAbrings together the management and specialist expertise of environmental management to ensure that project developers, investors and local communities and other stakeholders have environmentally, economically, politically and socially sustainable initiatives through the following services:
a. Feasibility support  
  ECO-COAprovides feasibility support and technical assessment in relation to environmental management in areas of:  
    Sustainable Natural Resource Management including ecosystem rehabilitation, wildlife management, water management and governance, land management and payment for ecosystem service, environmental impact assessment and audits and school greening programmes;
2 Sustainable farming systems including soil and water management systems, land use planning, cultivation analysis (irrigation, planting scheduling, human resource analysis, yield assessment and costing and budgetary review) including extension service to livestock farming;
3 Establishment of renewable energy and waste management technologies (environmental & socio-economic surveys,  suitability, cost, business plans, promotion and marketing, capacity development, management of regulatory, approvals and licensing requirements and tourism planning, development and marketing; viability assessments to determine tourism potential; eco-tourism development, package and product development, marketing and guides training.
b. Grant management and project management  
  ECO-COA has a wide experience in grant management at the community level. The firm also undertakes participatory projects design for grassroot communities and civil society organizations, participatory monitoring and evaluation and projects and programmes assessment.    
c. Strategic Planning and Project Design  
  The Firm has wide experience in facilitating planning processes based on the Project Cycle Management (PCM) and facilitating strategic planning workshops leading to development of organizational strategic plans and projects logical framework.   
d. Sustainable Forest Management  

Participatory Forest Management, including:

    Development of Participatory Forest Management Plans (PFMs)
    Business Plans
    Forest Inventory


3. Organization management
  Organization management

We design firms’ organizational structures and projects management structures at different levels of the planning and implementation process.  We also design self-evaluating mechanisms for institutions at individual and organization levels.


Personnel development training
We train project staff in project identification, planning, implementation, participatory monitoring and evaluation – using the Project Cycle Management (PCM), Logical Framework and other project tools.  We also offer training in communication and team building, leadership skills, participatory approaches for integrated projects development, business planning and other tailor made courses based on request.

  Gender Mainstreaming ECOCOA recognizes the importance gender differentiated needs in projects and programmes design, planning and implementation.  To this end, ECOCOA has developed a curriculum for mainstreaming gender issues in the entire project planning cycle.  We offer tailor-made courses for grass-root organizations and projects/programme staff at all levels.  

Project Management
ECOCOA has in-house experts, who can offer guidance in project management while associate consultants can be called as and when required.  Areas of strength include participatory methodologies in project identification, design, implementation, participatory monitoring and evaluation and development of phase out strategies.


Monitoring and evaluation

ECOCOA has the capacity to undertake independent projects monitoring and evaluation at determined points of projects implementation as outlined in the project.  We specifically have expertise in environmental management and natural resource management, tourism development, integrated development projects and agriculture.  We also design simple and cost effective monitoring and evaluation tools for use by the grass-root organizations and/or CSOs.

Environmental education and communication

ECOCOA recognizes the urgency of reversing the current negative trends in the status of biodiversity and natural resources in this country and indeed in the region.  The greatest contributor is the populace ignorance of the role the environment plays in their lives.  ECOCOA has an elaborate strategy for sensitizing and educating grassroot communities, the private sector, policy makers and CSOs

Community managerial empowerment

True empowerment is dependent on visionary, well-grounded and all-rounded constituencies at all levels.  On this understanding, ECOCOA offers training for grassroot community groups in areas of group management, governance, leadership skills, project management, and establishment of institutions such as trusts, associations, cooperatives, and development of various Memoranda (MoUs/MoAs) among others. We have skills in developing Organization Capacity Assessment (OCA) and Capacity Development

Economic empowerment training

Training is tailored towards empowering communities to develop skills in entrepreneurship in order to generate sustainable incomes without depleting the natural resource base.  Training includes; bookkeeping, basic accounting, development of benefit sharing mechanisms, marketing and negotiation skills, developing and maintaining setting up of economic institutions such as partnerships and establishment of community-based village banks and revolving funds

Our Pillars

1 Timely completion of agreed assignment
2 Cost-effectiveness and value for money
3 Maintenance of highest standards of professionalism

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Our Profile

Environmental Consulting
People. Planet. Prosperity.

Taking people back to Nature

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Mission and Vision

Our Vision

To be a leader in effective and efficient result-oriented consultancy services in environmental management in Africa.

Our Mission

To professionally pool and make available tools, experiences and expertise to guide grassroots community groups, civil society organizations (CSOs), individuals, governments and private sector all over Africa in making informed decisions.